How To Improve Indoor Air Quality?


It is well acknowledged fact that air pollution is a primary concern in almost all town and cities all over the world. People are breathing this toxic air, and many scientists and other experts are working towards ways to reduce it. While they are at it to fix that issue, you should also think of the quality of air that you breathe indoors in your home, office, malls, etc. Many opt for air purifiers going by the number of Alexapure Breeze Reviews online; there are also numerous articles and reports published by on the hazards of polluted indoor air.
Apart from installing air purifiers, there are many simple steps you should follow to improve the air quality in your homes. Some of the tips are mentioned below.

Keep the house ventilated: Keeping your home well ventilated by opening the windows is the most obvious thing to do, to not only improve the air circulation but also to remove toxic air mainly carbon dioxide inside the house. As per studies, the indoor air is many times poorer than outdoor air; the reasons can be as varied as buying new wooden furniture to the paint on your walls. Opening the window for a few minutes can reduce indoor air pollution, you should also open windows whenever you feel that the air quality is deteriorating.

No smoking: Secondhand smoke is one of the major contributors to poor air quality inside your house. Cigarette smoke contains a large number of harmful chemicals which when inhaled causes a lot of respiratory issues. Nonsmokers are at considerable risk of such secondhand smoking. To avoid being exposed to this, you should stop anyone smoking indoors.

Keeping the home clean: Though it is an undeniable thing that you should keep your home clean, it is not as quickly done. It is not just about mopping the floors regularly; it is about-about the couch, and other furniture maintenance as dust can get accumulated and yet not be seen to the naked eye creating the feeling that it is clean. By keeping them clean, you are ensuring that the dust is not accumulated but removed regularly and hence improving the air quality. Mopping and vacuuming periodically is a must, also place doormats near the entrance so that the dust gets trapped.

Maintain humidity: Ensure that optimal moisture of about 30 to 40% is maintained in the house to contain mold growing as well as to keep the dust mites in check. Mold and dust mites can cause air pollution. These molds and dust mites emanate allergens that can have harmful effects on your health. It can cause respiratory issues like asthma to skin irritations. Healthy people can also be affected by these allergens. Some of the ways of controlling them are to track humidity level and use a dehumidifier to control it. Molds form due to moisture, so keep the walls dry. Check for any water leaks and clean out drip pans to prevent molds.

Avoid synthetic fragrances: These synthetic fragrances are everywhere from laundry powders to air fresheners. The gases in them contain harmful organic compounds and can adversely affect your health in the long run when inhaled.