Caring For Leather With Renaissance Wax Polish

Leather furniture is something that can be cherished for years if taken care of properly. Homeowners who regularly clean and maintain their furniture will notice that age improves the leather, making it soft, textured and the epitome of old-world charm. Here are a couple of methods and cleaning agents including a brief discussion on what is renaissance wax to get you started on your leather maintenance journey. According to, using finishing waxes and other cleaning agents to take care of your leather can also help keep stains and larger wrinkles that gradually turn into tears in check.

One of the most common problems with household leather furniture is leather rot. Because leather furniture is constantly exposed to moisture from bodies and even from the air, the chances of developing red rot in the crevasses of a sofa are quite high. To stop the red rot in leather, a thin coat of renaissance wax can be used to buff and seal the leather upholstery. Care should be taken first to treat the leather with a leather specific coating and only to apply a very thin layer of the wax. Heavier layers can leave white residues behind which cannot be easily removed.

Despite its wide use, it is always important to spot test a place on your furniture before applying it over the entire piece. The leather which is used to make a piece of furniture will vary between brands and countries so that not all cleaning products will work the same way for everyone. The drawback of leather furniture is that it’s hard to repair it if something goes wrong and an untested cleaner is a disaster just waiting to happen. To prevent this from happening, simply use a small amount of the product in a place that is usually unseen and check its results after working it through like usual.

Even though renaissance wax is a great deterrent for rot, it does need to be periodically reapplied. Since it only takes care of a few of the problems that leather furniture can face, it is important not to neglect the rest of the problems. Despite its durability, leather furniture has a life span that is dependent on how well it is maintained. Spills should be blotted away immediately without rubbing the moisture in, and any stains in the leather should be spot treated accordingly and as soon as possible.

With time, well-treated leather upholstery will develop a beautiful patina that will be the envy of all your friends but that only happens when the furniture is cared for. This requires not only careful maintenance but also the right kind of maintenance. Use reputed cleaning products and well-known brands to take care of your furniture. It could be as simple as dusting or vacuuming the cracks and crevices or as complicated as treating a potential tear spot or removing a grease stain. Leather furniture becomes a joy to behold as the years pass and soon gains the status of family heirloom in every family it is brought into.

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